We are looking for world-class talent to join a crack team of engineers, product managers and designers. We want people who are passionate about creating software that makes a difference to the world. We like people who are brimming with ideas and who take initiative rather than wait to be told what to do. We prize team-first mentality, personal responsibility and tenacity to solve hard problems and meet deadlines. As part of a small and lean team, you will have a very direct impact on the success of the company.

What you'll do as Tableau Engineer?

● Partner with IT teams and business professionals to establish data-driven policies and strategies across the organization

● Develop, design, and maintain dashboards and analytics

● Collect, refine, and prepare data for analytics and visualization

● Manage and utilize the Data Analytics platform (Tableau, Power BI, Qlik, …) to extract meaningful insights from it

● Prepare reports using various visualization and data modeling methods

● Define new KPIs and consistently measure in the datasets

● Collecting data from various data sources and normalize it

● Test and publish dashboards and reports and schedule refresh

● Define access controls and implement security measures whenever required

● Drill-down data and prepare reports with utmost accuracy

● Creating wireframes and beta dashboards with a focus on user experience, correctness, and visibility

● Improve overall process in data management, collection, dashboard design, and entire product life-cycle

● Apply algorithms and statistical methods to obtain answers from data

● Solving any data or performance issues related to workbooks and data sources

● Monitoring reports and dashboards and make necessary changes

● Manage implementations, architecture, and administration

● Actively manage the performance and usability of platform to get the desired results.


● Solid Computer Science fundamentals, excellent problem-solving skills.

● In-depth knowledge and a sound understanding of RDBMS systems, SQL, Business Intelligence, and data analytics

● Proficiency in analytics and database querying tools

● Extensive experience in developing and managing dashboards and reports in Data Analytics tools like Tableau, Power BI, Qlik, etc.

● Excellent analytical skills to forecast and predict trends and insights using past and current data

● Knowledge of data architecture, data modeling, data mapping, data analysis, and data visualization

● Enterprise-level experience in data presentation through various bars/charts/models/dashboards

● Able to build visually-stunning and interactive dashboards

● Able to manipulate and blend data in order to design dashboards and visualization

● Good communication skills (written and verbal), proven team player, rolling up the sleeves and getting involved in the nitty gritty.

● Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science or related field from a top university.

● Able to work within the GMT+8 time zone

What we offer:

An exciting and passionate working environment within a young and fast-growing company

● The opportunity to work with a high performing team

● A competitive salary package

● The ability to work from anywhere in the world (assuming a stable internet connection)

● The chance of being a fundamental part of the team and make a difference

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